Modern live is all about connections.. | Kleurtrends 2013 ~ ColourFutures 2013

It starts with the making of.. great to see how it all comes together!

  • 7 locations
  • 340 litres of paint
  • 3km of tape
  • 3 stylists
  • 5 photographers
  • 1 colour of the year
  • 20 microns
  • 8 inks
  • 3 news sheets
  • 1 book ~ 2013

The ‘kleurtrends 2013’ future colours are divided into 5 schemes and come with keywords to clarify the specific feeling and mood.

  1. Collective Passion ; transient, energy, spontaneous, flocking, collective
  2. Switching Off ; peaceful, daydream, stillness, solitude, idle creativity
  3. The Art of Understanding ; orderly, curiosity, understanding, clarity, communication
  4. Home Factory ; honest, self-reliance, super local, simplicity, small-scale manufacturing
  5. Visual Solace ; joyful, soul reviver, restorative, uplifting, wonder

My favorite is… mmh it’s pretty hard to choose! But the mood of number 3 “The Art of Understanding” is my personal favorite..

What’s yours?

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